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Boat Type:C1   Boat Length:4.3m
Manufacturer:Zastera, Rook Schmidt, Art Fiber, others   Boat Width:70cm
Designer:Vladi Panato/Art Fiber   Boat Volume:various
Year:1993   Boat Weight:various
Material:Composite   Boat Category:Race
Primary Use:Wildwater   Cockpit Size:wildwater
Secondary Use:River running   Depth:
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It is a modern, updated version of the Ace II. The original design was in 1994. Panato modified the design slightly in 2001 by rounding the bottom and adding volume. Panato's decade of dominance in Wildwater C-1 make this a popular design at the international level. Only reccommended for hard core Wildwater C-Boaters.
User Comment:
Designed by Vladi Panato/Art Fiber - Fast and quite tippy, the Bala was designed by Vladi Panato / Art Fiber for the Bala Worlds in 1995. It its a modern, updated version of the Ace II. From Zastera website: "In wider version (Mezzana) universal, time-tested boat also for stronger water. In version of the narrow bottom (under it's wings) very fast progressive boat for top competitors". is managed by Adam Pearsall and Kenneth Sarzynski with graphic artwork by Sara Pearsall
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