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Boat Type:C2   Boat Length:5m
Manufacturer:Zastera   Boat Width:80cm
Designer:Faysse- Ross   Boat Volume:various
Year:1998   Boat Weight:various
Material:Composite   Boat Category:Race
Primary Use:Wildwater   Cockpit Size:wildwater
Secondary Use:River running   Depth:
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Current WildWater C2 race design
User Comment:
Rbailey - We paddle the Beguin now. This is us at Limestone on the Kern last summer. The Beguin was designed by the French and originally built only by Midi-Bip, whereas the Feeling has been around for 10+ years in a few slightly different variants, and there are many molds available and many manufacturers. I think the original Beguin came out around 1996, but ours is a slightly revised version that came out in about 1998. The first Feeling was probably around 1990. When Midi-Bip went out of business, Zastera bought the molds for the Beguin. There is a Feeling mold floating around the US somewhere that Andy Bridge at Dagger made in the 1990s. Compared to the Feeling, the Beguin has notably softer chines, and is also narrower in the middle where the sternman (me) does strokes. The wings are also further out of the water, so it can be leaned up further without dragging a wing. We paddled both and preferred the Beguin and so bought it when we finally bought a new boat in 2000. However, most paddlers use the Feeling, I think largely due to its wide availability. The boats are similar in speed. I remember talking to the (very good) German team in 1998 when we tried a Beguin they had bought for testing, and they said that for them it was the same speed as the Feeling so they saw no reason to change. is managed by Adam Pearsall and Kenneth Sarzynski with graphic artwork by Sara Pearsall
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