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Boat Type:C1   Boat Length:4m
Manufacturer:New Wave,Nittany Valley Boats   Boat Width:70cm
Designer:Hearn / Lugbill   Boat Volume:various
Year:1980   Boat Weight:various
Material:Composite   Boat Category:Race
Primary Use:Slalom   Cockpit Size:standard slalom
Secondary Use:River running   Depth:
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A favorite cruiser of many when shortened. Viper hull based on the Cudamax.
User Comment:
From DaveM on the CForum: It was the last boat to have a full hull (read no wings). The Cudamax will be somewhat slower than the winged boats that followed it, but much more stable. It should be a great boat for piddling around on flatwater and general messing about. The Cudamax is also a great ender boat, that big flat stern makes a great whap sound when the back deck hits the water over your head. WBT: The Cudamax was originally called the Balamax. It was a modified Ultramax, the changes having been made after the 1979 triple-medal winning boat was much less successful at the 1980 pre-worlds held in Bala, England. Because the Cudamax ends were so thin and pointy (they often were cracked and broken off by an impact with the river bottom when doing those great enders) the boat had a barracuda-like appearance, and the name stuck after the 1981 Worlds at Bala, England became history.
Manufacturer Comment:
The CUDA MAX C-1 is a world class boat, winning gold and silver metals in the 1981 worlds. The CUDA MAX is a true classic. Considered to be a low volume boat for the '80's, it is more of a medium volume boat in today's standers. The CUDA MAX hull is full width making it a very stable C-1 and a good boat for the first time canoeist. Expert paddlers have described the CUDA MAX to be fast and turn very easily. They also find the boat to be good for running big and technical water. The CUDA MAX can be shortened to 12' and custom cut for the paddler looking for more performance. - From the New Wave Catalog. is managed by Adam Pearsall and Kenneth Sarzynski with graphic artwork by Sara Pearsall
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