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Boat Type:OC1   Boat Length:11'3"
Manufacturer:Esquif   Boat Width:29"
Designer:Jacques Chassť   Boat Volume:
Year:2005   Boat Weight:32lba
Material:Twintex   Boat Category:Rec
Primary Use:River running   Cockpit Size:
Secondary Use:   Depth:16"
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Twin-tex boat by Esquif.
User Comment:
Jacques Chasse (Mr. Esquif) started with the Zoom, and added 14" to the middle of the hull, then added 1.5" of width. There is a bit more rocker, and a gentler edge. The APS (Active Pry System) dimples that were featured on the Zoom are not incorporated into the Zephyr. The Zephyr will weigh in at only 31 pounds. Wayner has offered this description of the Zephyr: "It's based on the Zoom platform but MUCH more forgiving. It's a foot and 1/2 longer (better hull speed), wider (better stability) the chines have been rounded (more user friendly) and made of Twin-Tex (to the tune of about 30 pounds! and bomber strong)." Michael Lewis aka "BoatLouie" says that the Zephyr is more like an amped up version of the Bob Foote designed Dagger Rival than a toned down Zoom.
Manufacturer Comment:
Super light with predictable performances, the Zephyr will put you in the fast track on the learning curve to whitewater fun and performance. The lenght and rocker was carefully chosen to optimise speed and tracking ability while still allowing responsive turns. Beginner to intermediate paddlers will be reassured by the initial and secondary stability. The chines allow smooth and controlled turns. The new twin-tex material gives the performance of a stiff and light composite boat with the thoughness of a polyethylene boat. The light weight pays off in acceleration, speed and of course on the portage trail. This is a versitile boat that will offer many advantages to paddlers of all abilities. -Esquif Web site. is managed by Adam Pearsall and Kenneth Sarzynski with graphic artwork by Sara Pearsall
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