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Boat Type:CONVERSION   Boat Length:8ft 2in
Manufacturer:Liquid Logic   Boat Width:27in
Designer:Johnny Kern, Tommy Hilleke and others   Boat Volume:79 gal
Year:2005?   Boat Weight:45lbs
Material:Plastic   Boat Category:Rec
Primary Use:Creeking   Cockpit Size:large
Secondary Use:Creeking   Depth:
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Review by John Frachella: I have to tell you how much I enjoy the Jeffe as a C-1. It took a while to find the best trim point (fore and
aft) but after some experimentation, I figured it out. The boat has an asymetrical hull, much like a C-1: wider behind the cockpit. That, and it's depth, makes the Jeffe K-1 work well as a C-1. The critical part of outfitting comes with placing the paddler's butt about 6" from the inside edge of the rear of the cockpit. In flat water, this positioning makes the boat "stearn-heavy" and that's how you want it. The bow has to be out of the water. The stearn has to sink when siting upright in flat water. If the paddler's weight is perfectly centered and the boat trims evenly, too much weight is on the forward part of the hull which is narrower and rounder than the rest of the hull, thus, less stable. At first the sternwards positioning seems too slow and it makes the boat feel like the bow is too far out of the water. Nonetheless, this is what the boat need as a C-1 conversion because, if the stern can't be easily "activated" (in-the-water vs. on-the-water), the hull is just too squirrly, like a surfboard without a fin.

Three days ago I paddled the Crooked River in Central Oregon above Smith's Rocks to Crooked River Ranch: 18 miles of Class III,IV and V. The volume was 700 cfs and a bit bony with lots of pin potential. I did the same section again yesterday at 1400 cfs and it was pushy with lots of big holes. The Jeffe C-1 was perfect for both levels.

The best adjectives for the Jeffe C-1, trimmed out to be stern-heavy, would
forgiving (no sharp edges to catch)
sketchy primary stability, great secondary stability (you gotta learn to trust this hull!)
spins on a dime and gives back change
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