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Boat Type:OC2   Boat Length:16'
Manufacturer:WeNoNah   Boat Width:36"
Designer:Dave Kruger   Boat Volume:
Year:   Boat Weight:
Material:Royalex   Boat Category:Rec
Primary Use:River running   Cockpit Size:
Secondary Use:Tripping   Depth:16"
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Nice whitewater tripper
User Comment:
Named after one of the best mulitdays in Oregon, the Rogue is designed for whitewater river tripping. Fully capable of handling enough gear for a week on the water and still fun to play in. Feels like a classic canoe with grace and speed yet still reasonably dry. Capable of up to easy class IV. This is a true whitewater tripping boat from the people that have brought you some of the fastest flat water boats we have ever seen.From Nick Jacob: I personally have paddled these boats on a lot of fun water. They have phenomenal secondary stability and fantastic maneuverability. They come outfitted with web seats, the Alder Creek way is to put a Northwater Three position anchor on the floor, along with knee pads and attach straps to the seat thwarts. We paddle them with bow and stern bags, and either a full load of gear or a center bag. I have paddled them on river such as the lower Owyhee, lower Deschutes, McKenzie, North Santiam. Some fun class III and a little class IV. The people that seem to like them the most are the folks I know, like myself, that have grown up in the upper Midwest paddling the ample water of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan in mostly old Grummans and a few Old Towns.
Manufacturer Comment:
From WeNoNah: Created specifically to use on fast rivers, the Rogue's hull is quite short, very wide, quite deep, and has the most rocker of any of our models. This is our fastest-maneuvering tandem canoe, and it has exceptional buoyancy and dryness. Due to its mission, we make the Rogue only from ultra-durable Royalex. While its great depth gives enough displacement for gear, the Rogue is typically used light for the pure thrill of running rapids. Its bow is blunt to resist impacts, deep to shed waves, and is flared ahead of the seat to deflect spray while preserving good paddle access to the water. The contour of the shallow-arched hull is oriented strongly to final stability (rather than initial) making the Rogue much easier to handle on bouncy water than a design with a flatter bottom would be. These aspects suit the Rogue perfectly for fast rivers but less so for lake paddling. If you want better performance on still water and can sacrifice some prowess on rapids, consider our Aurora, which is the same length but doesn't have the Rogue's extreme depth or rocker. Kept in its element, this is a supremely confident canoe. To augment its safety on whitewater, we suggest you outfit it -- or any whitewater canoe -- with supplemental air flotation bags to prevent "wrapping" after a capsize. It's also wise to kneel rather than sit in the hull, and to secure yourself using thigh straps. Configured this way, and due to its rugged Royalex hull and highly-specific design, the Rogue is an ideal vehicle for a wild ride down your favorite rock garden. is managed by Adam Pearsall and Kenneth Sarzynski with graphic artwork by Sara Pearsall
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