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Boat Type:C1   Boat Length:8'4"
Manufacturer:Shaggy Designs   Boat Width:27"
Designer:Du Toit / Ashcroft   Boat Volume:50 gal
Year:2001   Boat Weight:unknown
Material:Composite   Boat Category:Rec
Primary Use:Rodeo   Cockpit Size:custom
Secondary Use:River running   Depth:
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Nice playboat designed in the UK. More user-friendly than the Groove
User Comment:
"The production model is really stable. I paddled the full cut for 200bls and it was great although it was big and had more volume than my forplay I was able to huck it around with ease. It was really stable and great to put on end. on a wave it was fast and carved really well. One feature that was really great about the sith is that the seat is fiberglass and all you have to do is pad the top and back of the seat. the other neat thing about the outfitting of this boat is that the pillars built for support of the front deck are spaced so that for knee braces/block again all you have to do is pad the outside of them. I found that beacause of this the control of the boat is greatly improved and with little outfitting effort (as opposed to conversions) you feel like a part of the boat with little effort."--Andy Beadon, AKA "Beads" is managed by Adam Pearsall and Kenneth Sarzynski with graphic artwork by Sara Pearsall
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