FS: Acrobat Squirt C-1

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FS: Acrobat Squirt C-1

Post by adkSara »

FS: Acrobat Squirt C-1
by Scott D.
FS: - Acrobat squirt C-1. Built by New Wave, "Master's Cut".

Layup - I believe it's a 6/7, but will have to check (the boat's in storage right now) glass/poly w/dynel tips.

Condition - Practically new. I am the second owner of the boat, but it's had hardly any river time at all (I've only paddled it 3 times in a river, and never hit bottom). The previous owner used it as a pool trainer for rodeo OC-1. Never broken, never patched, hardly any scratches, this boat is in mint condition.

Cut - Low for 180lbs. Too low for me at 200lbs. Shortened length ("Master's Cut").

Graphics - Green/purple/black diamond fade on the deck, white hull. Black seams and cockpit rim.

Location - Toronto, Ontario.

Price - $800.00 US, comes with Tightskirts C-1 skirt. Will ship to other locales, buyer pays shipping. Email me or post here if interested - I will provide pics.

Cheers, Scott

Posted on Jan 12, 2003, 7:18 PM
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Post by mark »

I live in Chatham, NY. 190 lbs. Would love to try the Acrobat sometime. I'd love a glass playboat. mark@taconic.net
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Post by Sir Adam »


The post is actually from Scott D. up in Canada. I've seen that Acrobat-it is a SWEET boat! If I was heavier, and feeling a bit richer, I'd buy it in a second (it is basically a brand new boat, going for less than half price).
I have an Acrobat myself (that AdkSara is trying to walk away with...and I'm not complaining!) that you're more than welcome to try sometime (it's medium cut for 165...not a mystery machine for me but a nice playful cruiser...).
Keep the C!
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