Seeking Used Boat - Ontario

Any Boat, Gear, or outdoor related item you have for sale. If you use it on a paddling trip, or to prepare for one, it's fair game.

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Seeking Used Boat - Ontario

Post by Dweller »

Looking to get into the c1 scene, so i guess i should have a boat...
I'm sure any boat will do pretty well for me, but I'm more interested in something shorter with a pretty hard chine. I really don't know exactly as I'm new, so if anyone has any tips on buying a boat for a newer paddler I'd appreciate it. If anyone in my area is looking to sell I'd be interested.

Location: Burlington, ON
Price: around $800 cnd or lower

i have a boat for sale

Post by nicholas »

i'm selling a dagger ultrafuge c1 with a good outfitting.
i think it could do you was amazing as my first boat. taught me much!!!

let me know if your interested.
i'm really close to you aswell..



Centrifuge C-1

Post by MB »

Will let mine go for $ 500 CDN.

Ultrafuge is a more playful boat in a hole, but Centrifuge can do it all. It's very stable, faster downriver, yet can still play.

Not surprisingly, manufacturer's are moving back to river-friendly playboats this year. Given the investment, it's important to have a boat that lets you enjoy the whole river.

Besides, once you get flushed off a play feature, it's nice having a C-boat that can get you back in...

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Try Eric in Canda...with an Atom

Post by QuicoReed » he was asking ~$600 canadian, with a skirt that has a patched hole in it. Good deal. Has digital pix and the boat is in good condition, blue swirl color.

I wanted it but couldn't work out the darn shipping!!!
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