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Any Boat, Gear, or outdoor related item you have for sale. If you use it on a paddling trip, or to prepare for one, it's fair game.

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Boats Boats Boats

Post by DaveM »

All of these boats can be delivered in may to the Spring Armada

1. Slipper C-1: $200 : Sweet Design, Great classic glass boat. Mid 70's slalom design. will do big enders, great cruising C-1

2. Superbat: $150 Hearn / Lugbill design, great beginner slalom boat for someone who wants to learn what edges really are for cheap

3. Superglide: $700 Hearn design, Dagger built: Last boat Davey designed before he retired. small break in deck at stern. Hull was never cracked, only deck. very good shape. Purple over dark blue.

4. Tomahawk C-2: $700 Haller /Tayler design: Upstream edge built. Stern Right. Red bow fade to purple stern. No breaks and almost no scratches. All outfitting removed ready to be outfitted.

5. Dynamic: $700 Hearn design: Upstream edge built, Light Purple. Famous boat in that it's the boat Davey was arrested in during the '96 flood. Dynamic is a very big (relative) slalom boat. If your 230lbs and want to paddle a slalom boat...this is the one for you. Not many of these built as Davey didn't release the design to the public
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If you've got pictures I'd be more than happy to post them up on for you! Especially of the boats I don't have images of yet (which is most of them...).
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Post by Kelly-Rand »

I would love to buy the C-2 but at the moment I would need a co-owner as I am spread too thin, or overburdenned with boats that rarely see the water as it is. Just far contemplation, is it possible for a person 6'3" who needs a 7" saddle to fit in one?
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Superglide has been sold

Post by DavidMiller »

Superglide has been sold
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