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Any Boat, Gear, or outdoor related item you have for sale. If you use it on a paddling trip, or to prepare for one, it's fair game.

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I cant figure out how to delete this
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Sir Adam
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Price Range

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As Atoms are still sought after boats (esp. as they are no longer made) I'd be surprised if you found one for less than 300.... You could most likely pick up a Slasher, Gyramax, or *yak to convert in your price range though....

Good luck regardless!
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Mike W.
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I think you'll find that Adam is correct. It'll be tough to find an Atom in your $ range.
There is a Gyramax in Virginia for $150. Go to: http://members.cox.net/coastal-trader/
Look under "Canoes for Sale".
Mike W.
David Miller

buy the Slipper C-1

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The Slipper C-1 we are selling would be a great beginner boat, won't cost much and won't be as heavy as the Gyramax or other plastic boats...The boats in DC if you can get it or we can arrange to get it to you..DM
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