Skeeter wanted

Any Boat, Gear, or outdoor related item you have for sale. If you use it on a paddling trip, or to prepare for one, it's fair game.

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Skeeter wanted

Post by TonyB » Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:44 am

since my buddy has descided he can't part with his Skeeter yet, I must look for other opportunities.
(yes, another idiot looking for a plastic canoe)
but Im in Pennsylvannia and maybe thats closer to you than theese peoples or you dont want to sell but maybe be you'll trade.
or........Look! something shiney, gimmi your boat!!!

Would love to trade or purchase (prefer trade) for a Savage Skeeter. I a have a dagger Rival in really good condition with basic outfitting. or (if i must) a Viper 12 a little more on the worn side, or maybe we can woek another deal.............whatcha need?
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