Canoe Sale-apalooza

Any Boat, Gear, or outdoor related item you have for sale. If you use it on a paddling trip, or to prepare for one, it's fair game.

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Dennis Krizek
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Canoe Sale-apalooza

Post by Dennis Krizek »
I haven't paddled in 15 years and at age 72, It's time to pass these boats on.

Valley Mill Boats, Blackwater C-1 fully outfitted, 11'4", structurally sound, needs cosmetic overhaul, spray skirt, $100
Nittany Valley Boats, C-1, 4 miter slalom, fully outfitted, good condition, spray skirt, $190
Pyrog (sp. ?), C-1, 4 miter slalom, fully outfitted, good condition, spray skirt, $190
Dagger Atom, C-1, Dagger outfitting, with hip pads, good condition, spay skirt + cockpit cover, $190
New Wave Probe, C-1 (conversion-have original foot braces), fully outfitted, good condition, spay skirt, $100
Moore Canoe, OC-1, 12'4", Kevlar, 21 lbs., "Not for a novice paddler," good condition, $300

All boats have been undercover. Spray skirts are small-medium and are serviceable.
Also, a selection of air bags.
Volume discounts and reasonable offers are considered.
Boats are in the Washington, DC and Gaithersburg, MD metro area and local delivery may be arranged.
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Re: Canoe Sale-apalooza

Post by wheresmyroll »

Photos of the Backwater?
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Re: Canoe Sale-apalooza

Post by poetry_heckler »

Looking at a Pyrog elsewhere. Do you have any opinions of that Long Thing?
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Re: Canoe Sale-apalooza

Post by shenandoah24 »

Hi. I might be interested in the yellow c-1. Looking for a higher volume boat to replace my oc-1 that has grown too heavy to haul around.
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