Dagger Dimension $400

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Dagger Dimension $400

Post by Carol » Wed Mar 07, 2018 1:21 am

For Sale: Dagger Dimension $400

My people are slowing down, and I'm looking-with their permission-, for new people as I have a lot of years of running rivers left!

I'm in good to very good condition for my age, and very experienced. And have always been stored out of the sun.
I currently live in Northern California. My people may be in Bend or Portland, OR Thanksgiving week, they are possibly willing to travel to the SF Bay Area or Redding for delivery.

More photos available.

They have two Dimensions, me, they call the "Grand Canyon boat", and then the "new boat". They're probably not doing long-term wilderness trips anymore, so it's time for me to seek out new adventures with somebodies else.

I'm of the older generation with the heavier layup and aluminum reinforced the gunwales which the "new boat" doesn't have. It also means I weigh more but my hull doesn't flex like the "new boat" does.

closed mini cell foam saddles set up for tall & long legged folk. Oh and the cat had a few "happy claws" one year on the saddles
thigh straps
mini cell knee cups
adjustable "cup style" foot pegs. This is not the adjustable kayak style foot peg. This is a U-shaped plastic that is bolted onto a vinyl pad that is glued to the hull. U-shaped plastic has been replaced within the last five years.
2 large bladder airbags
1 end airbag, probably sized for a solo boat, but doable
Kevlar skid pad on the bow
Additional mini cell foam has been glued to the under side of the for and aft decks. This was a big asset on the Grand Canyon.
Thwarts are set up to handle a 48 qt cooler behind the bow saddle


2004-Grand Canyon
2005-Middle Fork Salmon
2006-Rogue River
2007-Middle Fork of the Salmon
2009-Lower Salmon
2010-Main Salmon, Deschutes, Grande Rhonde
2013-Lower Salmon
2014-Main Salmon

pre 2004 I was with other people who only used me a couple times, and I was stored in their garage.

For having as much fun as I have had, my hull has normal wear and tear and most importantly no punctures. I do have two band-aids in front of the stern seat, I think they were from when old D-rings were removed and took a bit of vinyl, but that happened a very long time ago.

So, here is the opportunity to up grade to let a very experienced Dagger Dimension who is eager to revisit old rivers for new adventures.
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Re: Dagger Dimension $400

Post by Carol » Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:07 pm

new price reflected in title :)

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