Dagger Legend 15 Royalex

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Dagger Legend 15 Royalex

Post by Dolan22 » Sat Feb 01, 2020 4:27 pm

Dagger legend 15 tandem canoe outfitted for whitewater. Brand new float bags and lacing. The seats and yoke have been recently sanded and cleaned up. The hull is Royalex and in good condition for the age.

The general reviews and descriptions of this boat are pretty accurate from my experience. It is a good, small tandem for moving water. 2" rocker each end and very full bow and stern to rise over waves vs. slice through. It is fine for casual paddling on flat water as well but not as fast as a dedicated flatwater boat. It is versatile, but more inclined toward moving water.
It is red. I'm up in Vermont. I can text pictures of the outfitting, its easier than uploading on here. it is also listed on the Vermont craigslist.

I recently tried it as a dedicated solo boat and liked the outcome. I placed a seat slightly back from center and added two thwarts where the tandem seats were. I have larger float bags that fit in there as well. I can send pics of that also. The boat is currently back to the original tandem configuration with smaller float bags in the ends.


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