C-1 Spray Skirt Needed

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C-1 Spray Skirt Needed

Post by JonLugbill »

I need a C-1 spray skirt for a cockpit the size of a Dagger Cascade or Atom. It could be new or used. I just have no idea where to pick one up these days. I have a 32 inch waist so a medium or large body opening would be great. I could make the waist smaller with some neoprene cement if I had to.

I also would like to find a quality spray skirt for a Fanatic slalom C-1. My 25 year old skirt is starting to get quite worn.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jon Lugbill
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Re: C-1 Spray Skirt Needed

Post by Brendan »

Jon. I have a skirt for Atom that you can “borrow “ if tha helps. It’s old but still dry. Here in Richmond.
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Re: C-1 Spray Skirt Needed

Post by wildwaterc2 »

Snapdragon made me a couple of the old small cockpit cboat skirts for our Hydra Duet a few years ago - might
be the same size as your Fanatic rim - mine are not for sale. They’ll make whatever for you also if you send a tracing.
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