short massive maddog review

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short massive maddog review

Post by Sir Adam » Thu Feb 13, 2003 11:30 am

short massive maddog review
by James
Had a chance to paddle the massive maddog as C1 this weekend. Granted, I was falling out of the outfitting, so perhaps that affected things. Tried it in a small pourover hole and a medium size wave/hole. Overall, this boat is dam unstable, at least in terms of primary stability. After paddling XXX and ultrafuge conversions, which are not particularly stable, the maddog is a whole new world of "keep your paddle in the water at all moments while on the water."

Okay, so that wasn't the greatest, but once under power it became more stable and predictable. In the pourover it was stable on end and cartwheeled as well as any other C1 I can flop around in. Quick and smooth end to end. On the wave, really strange getting used to the feeling of the boat, perhaps due to the narrowness, but blunts were easy. I would carefully consider what rivers I would run in this thing, it would be demanding.

So, I'd say, after only a short time in the boat, if you're looking for a boat to push your limits and give high performance while keeping you seriously on your toes, good boat to go with. Then again, if being a rodeo star is not your game and you want to run a little river and relax, not brace in the eddies, perhaps choose something more forgiving.
Posted on May 21, 2002, 6:07 AM

Nice Review!
by Sir Adam
Great review...the Mad Dog DEFINITELY sounds like one of Ian's boats (if you think it demands excellence, try a glass groove:) eh, Beads:)? )

Sir Adam
Posted on May 21, 2002, 7:24 AM
Keep the C!

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