N Branch Potomac release?

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N Branch Potomac release?

Post by Sir Adam » Thu Feb 13, 2003 11:37 am

N Branch Potomac release?
by Kevin
If I am reading the USGS graph correctly, the powers that be have been blessing the N Branch of the Potomac with levels roughly equal to normal scheduled releases for over a week now, turned off the tap briefly a few days ago, then turned it back on again. Does this mean that whatever body of water that feeds the N Branch is full, so they need to let some water out?
Can I reasonably expect they they will continue to release water over the holiday weekend, or am I risking driving 7 hrs only to find a dry creekbed? How might I go about finding out?
Is there a phone gauge that I can use durring my whirlwind tour of WV, MD, and PA? Cuz nothings more refreshing than 50F water!

Don't come!!!
by DaveM
Your right, the powers that be have been releasing water....infact, last Sunday they release 1,000 cfs out of the Savage...and didn't tell anyone which is complete BS. I believe the last "Scheduled" release on the North Branch was last weekend the 18th and 19th.

The only reason they release water now is because the lake is full as you suspected, but they won't announce the releases and you can't count on the fact that if they released one day so they will release the next.

There will be scheduled releases in the fall. As soon as that schedule is known, I will publish the dates up on the Forum.

Posted on May 24, 2002, 5:22 AM

Does this mean that if it rains (as projected)..
by PAC
that there could be an unannouced release on the Savage this weekend? I'll be sort of in that area Sunday so if you think that might be the case please post along with the correct number to call - I can't find that dam@ dam number! The Savagae is always fun. Thanks!
Posted on May 24, 2002, 6:25 AM

maybee I should!
by Kevin
If I am sort of in the area, and I decide to risk seeing if there is a decent flow, are there likely to be other boaters there? Or maybee not, as nobody is expecting to be able to run it this weekend. Discuss. (I really like that run!)
Posted on May 24, 2002, 6:41 AM
Keep the C!

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