Glass - the return to (longer than it should be)...

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Glass - the return to (longer than it should be)...

Post by Sir Adam » Thu Feb 13, 2003 11:58 am

Glass - the return to (longer than it should be)...
by PAC
OK! I kept hearing this "get back to glass" thing going on. Both on this forum and at the Armadas. So on this Sunday, when stuck at home for the weekend, when my paddling buddies called for a quick trip to Slippery Rock Creek for fun and frolic, I figured I'll give a go!
I mean here were my options (since all my Tupperware was up at the cabin):
1. Stay home and work on the "honey-do" list - keeping marital bliss (not addressing the list would not be an option due to it's length and numerous outstanding "issues").
2. Go and paddle my OC1 (an enjoyable boat but the level on "The Slip" would return diminished fun) ,
3. Borrow a Kayak (OK not an true option), or
4. Take the old beat Max II out to see how she'd hold up.
Now for some reason last Saturday I had dragged the old boat out from under the shack, to take it home so as to free up some space since I was planning on bringing my OC1 (my only boat at home) up to the cabin next weekend.
Then on Saturday I had a couple spare minutes so, what the heck, I spent some time re-gluing and tweaking the outfitting in the Max.
Destiny, a premonition of things to come, an act of god, darn good luck, or just that little voice that tells you the thing to do - I had already made my selection. Besides not listening to that little voice has been counter productive (VERY BAD JUJU) during past paddling experiences (as in water falls and strains - but those are other stories).
Now I had other "problems" to deal with - no paddling jacket, no helmet, no paddle shorts, no paddle, etc. - or a least none that I could ready find. Rats, I left my darn gear up at the cabin (I spend more "paddling" or is that "quality" time up there). I'm depressed and think I've just hosed myself out of a good day on a fun little creek.
Then my understanding wife comes through! She knows were my old squirt life jacket and shorts are, she knows where an old cut down guide paddle hangs, and she knows where my original ace helmet is hiding. Bless her heart, for now I, the now “fornication of color”, and wearer of designer 70's paddling gear is ready "to river".
So I pack the gear and tie the "missile" to the car (I quickly find out that more care must be taken with an old long glass boat verses a short "milk jug")! Upon my arrival at the creek the first statement I hear from my kayaking pals is "Oh, if I would have known this was museum day I would have brought my dancer". Laugh as they may, I was determined to give it a go (and hoped the old boat didn't leak, to much).
After dressing and dealing with snide comments from the fashion police we head to the river. At the put-in I slip and slide 5' down the bank, and into the creek - smearing silt over the backside of my styling, faded neon-glow, gear.
I'm pissed, I'm mad, and I'm thankful. Thankful I didn't do any damage to the boat, or my behind.
After a quick river bath, I hop in the Max and think to is this sucker comfortable!
After warming up on a couple class IIs, the fun begins!!!! I start testing my weak boating and skills, by banging eddies, pulling quick powerful attains, surfing at will, I'm grinning ear to ear. As I paddle down the creek I being to remember, "glass is good"!! Am I a better paddler than I thought, or is it the boat? My pals say, “it’s the boat”! L
While I can't get the boat to stern squirt (yet - right now I am unworthy of such skill) and I'm definitely hooked. I'll still paddle my plastic, but glass - what a gas.
After 3+ hours of pure pleasure, including additional pleasures of releasing a pinned kayak and towing empty kayak (that's the kind of creek "The Slip" is), I drive home and I find myself thinking about how to do patch work and gel coats. Ah, the glory of glass. CU PAC
Posted on Jun 3, 2002, 12:13 PM

by Sir Adam
So, the Glass Revolution (or is that revelation?) has begun:). If you REALLY want to have a blast, cut it down a bit:) (or, just purchase an Acrobat...both PS Composites and Angst have molds).

C-ya IN Glass:)
Sir Adam
P.S. John Sweet has a great deal on full face respirators right now...not to mention metal flake:).
Posted on Jun 3, 2002, 12:46 PM

Yet another Koolaid drinker...
by DaveM
Everything happens faster in glass!!!DM
Posted on Jun 4, 2002, 5:37 AM
Keep the C!

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