User notes and FORUM RULES-please read (updated Feb. 2013)

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User notes and FORUM RULES-please read (updated Feb. 2013)

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This forum is opening to the Cboating public around the world for discussion of whitewater canoe (decked and open) boats, gear, technique, rendezvous, etc.... We do have a few rules:
1) Please stay mostly, paddles, paddling, technique, etc.... A joke now and again is fine and helps keep things lively. Please make it clear it is a joke...and remember that what you write will be read at face value (e.g. it may be difficult for others to know you're "just joking"). Use of "emoticons" (smiley face, etc...) can be useful to let folks know you are indeed joking.
2) Please use the forum to advertise your regional or national festivals and C- gatherings (armada's, ALF, ARF, etc...). If you are looking to hook up with other boaters when going to a new area or will be traveling out of town that is fine too. But if you are looking to set a trip with local paddlers please use your local board / listserv / Facebook / etc... instead to keep the posts relevant to all.
3) Please keep posts "G" rated. Our goal is to help the sport grow, and that includes younger paddlers. We want parents to be comfortable letting their kids read and learn from those on the board without having to be excessively concerned about what they may read here.
4) We do not tolerate disrespect of other paddlers. Joking is one thing, being vicious towards others is another. We have and will delete posts and contact the offending paddlers when things get too heated.
5) Please be sure your e-mail address in the system is correct in case folks want to contact you. Users that do not update their e-mail over time and we do not have a way to contact will be assumed to have left the community and be deactivated in the system.

If anyone has any questions, or is having difficulty registering, please e-mail me via the board ( ).

As some have asked, a little history of this site and the forum now associated with it:

I started as a virtual museum of all 'cboats' (whitewater canoes of any type) ever built. There are over 250 boats listed under the "Search Boats" section, and in reality that is where most of the content is...or at least was initially.

The Forum we now host was started by Scott Wilkinson and Dave Miller in preparation for the "C1 Concordia" in 1999, which I happened to attend. As Scott's interests became more focussed on family and other commitments (like boating!) he graciously turned his "baby" (the forum) over to me. With help from my good friend Kenneth we've nurtured the forum along to what it is today. It is "run" by Kenneth and I, with graphics help from my wife Sara.

As time has progressed it has become evident I needed help with the site, and several folks have stepped forward and helped tremendously, both as a sounding board and as Moderators. SBroam and PAC, who have been with this forum since the very beginning, were two of the first, joined by MikeW, and now KNeal and TheKrikketWars. We COULD NOT be where we are without their help.

Our community sponsors (rotating ads at the top of the page, and static on the site) likewise have been wonderful supporters of the site. Their support along with the items in the store at Cafe Press (including our annual calendar of member submitted photos) are our main means of offsetting the costs of this site. Where we can we give back to the community too, sponsoring both the Canoe Movie and Canoe Movie II as well as the US Open Canoe Slalom Nationals and giving funds to the town of Friendsville to support the Yough takeout.

Likewise the data in the forum, going WAY back to the beginning would not be as complete if it were not for Randy, Mangobait, Paddle Power, Brettal, AdkSara, and many others, who helped cut-and-paste every single post from the old forum to this new one manually (the old forum Scott W. kept was not searchable).

This forum, as well as the "boat database" is all from information accumulated from this community - almost ever piece of information you see on this site has been submitted by someone, either to me ( ), or after a request from me. One of the regrets I have with this site is not having kept track of all the folks who have sent in information and images. It's noted where I remembered to include it at least. THANK YOU to all.

We hope to keep growing and enjoying this community we're a part of, but please be patient with us - we have jobs and families just like most folks, and this is done in our "spare time"...and if the river's up I'm MUCH more inclined to be on it than working up a new page of I'm sure most of you would be, too.

Adam aka "Sir Adam" and "Adamin"

Keep the C!
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