Camping for the single sticker thing in march

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Camping for the single sticker thing in march

Post by Louie » Sun Feb 04, 2007 1:44 pm

I may have a large lot with a house with a shower, that we can get don't know how much they would want a person tocamp there yet kinda neeed to know how many people would want to camp.

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Post by Atucky » Mon Feb 05, 2007 2:59 pm

I would be interested in camping for the single stick hooraahh. I'll probably only be able to come for a long weekend though.


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One small tent for me

Post by rnbeals » Wed Feb 07, 2007 3:12 am

I'll be travelling light - just a small tent for me, Outrage X and Skeeter.

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Couple of campers

Post by ssnvet637 » Tue Feb 13, 2007 4:42 pm

I have myself and one other cheesehead who will be looking for a spot to flop. If there is room here we would happily compensate with beer and cheese curds!

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Post by boatbuster » Wed Feb 14, 2007 6:19 pm


I will camp a night or two if there is not room to flop in the banquet hall. May camp anyway depending on the weather due to the likely late-night partying at the event space (which I also hope to participate in) :)

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I'm up for camping the weekend of the 9th...just staying

Post by Chris S. » Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:09 pm

that weekend. If only my kids were only enough/big enough for a canoe!

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Post by Taniwha » Thu Feb 15, 2007 7:58 pm


I'd like to camp as well. I'll arrive probably sometime Saturday, 10th and will stay for the week. I'll bring my tiny, tiny tent.

Only if the weather turns benefactory for good water levels I might consider other options. Nothing worse than sharing too small a tent with wet paddling gear :wink:

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Camping suggestions

Post by Mr.DeadLegs » Thu Feb 15, 2007 8:02 pm

Looking for a good centrally located spot to camp. VW Camper. Campgrounds or good road side spot. Any suggestions?


I'd say

Post by Louie » Fri Feb 16, 2007 2:05 am

right behind the banquet hall, hades they let people camp at wallmart

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Post by pdown2 » Fri Feb 16, 2007 4:30 am

You still got space on your lot? Got two tents, my buddies Mohawk, my CFS, maybe my Prophet and my Truck. Only going to be able to do Sat (10th) & Sun (11th) so just looking for a place to crash Sat night.

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2 nights for me

Post by philinasheville » Sat Feb 17, 2007 2:35 pm

I'll be commin' in for 1-2 nights on either weekend. Just me a tent and my new Zephyr. Can't wait.

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Post by oc1paddlr » Fri Mar 02, 2007 3:05 am

ok ... camping there a place to safely leave extra boats? 2. how about a hot shower. A week of bailer-baths might be ruff(but quick) 3. are my priorities in order? p.s. camping behind the hall or something. that is.
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Post by Louie » Sun Mar 04, 2007 12:37 am

we can safely keep extra boats. We find you a place to put a tent if you have to use my back yard. As many peopl who are gettin a room I can't believe someone won't let you take a shower.

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Post by oc1dude » Wed Mar 14, 2007 12:54 pm

I plan on coming up this weekend (march 16, 17) but will have to come with 2 dogs is there a place we can keep the dogs tied up at camp and while we are on the river?[/b]

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