Anyone use a fox worx paddle?

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Anyone use a fox worx paddle?

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Thinking of getting one but Ive never seen anyone use them.

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Fox Worx

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I use a fox worx paddle in my sea kayak (I love it) and have visited the shop in NY.
Can't really speak to the WW canoe paddles but I will say that they are great people who provide excellent service and you can feel good about supporting a small American shop.
I was skeptical about their t-grip but I picked one up and it was really comfortable.

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I've had an Al Camp (the original owner) lightweight wood-foam bent shaft for about 20 years, which I use on flatwater. Camp made probably the lightest wood paddle until the marathon world invented carbon. Very reasonably priced.

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I picked up their entry level whitwater $125 ish , this paddle was a left over from last year and I have been told they made some inprovements without raising the price. its wood with a carbon laminate over the plade face. Symetrical. the paddle seams tough a little heavier maybe with a very square bottom. good solid feeling paddle.

after using it I had a few months it chipped on the tip and I found the carbon didnt rap but ratherhad an epoxy covered seam. the carbon was in danger of selaminating.
I called the company for advice. Nobody seams to fully warranty their paddles. I dont think I even bothered asking about them fixing it at all. I wount ship to pay for a repair, but they were really nice and walked me thru how it was put togeather and ways to fix and improve the weak spot. I love small companies and will always give them the benifet.

I rapped the tip in a carbon ribbon and its holding up much better.

I think the blade shabe could be a little longer and tapered at the bottom instead of the squatt. My local store only had the one paddle from them but Id love to see their full selection.
The paddle is not my main but now keep it as a backup to my lighter more fragile Natahalla and I pull out the fox for shallow attaining back up to surf waves and when things get creaky.
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