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What do you consider the "natural" side? I am right-handed, but paddle with the blade on the left. -- ie, "lefty". Was sort of serendipitous, but I also believe that it is the "correct" way for a right-handed person because you use the right hand on the teegrip for precise control.

(I've had this argument before, so maybe I shouldn't reintroduce it)

As for switchie -- I think it depends on what type of paddling you do. Marathoners switch,as do wildwater racers, but they don't have the same type of technical challenges as slalom. In a fast moving modern slalom race there just isn't a lot of time to switch, altho a lot of racers maintain a rudimental skill level on the "opposite" side. In the earlier days such as the photos above the boats were not as agile and things didn't happen as fast, so switching was more practical. Also, ( quoting from an Endicott description in AWA Journal)) in the early 70's the Easties started using a lot of cross strokes, & Endicott remarked that it looked kind of forced & awkward. But also, high ends weren't abolished until after '72, and that's probably what made cross-bow moves become really smooth & faster. It took a while for the technique to develop. ( I remember even in the early 80's my pals being impressed because I routinely used a cross-bow move in Pillow -- today nobody would notice...haha!)
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