Plywood OC1 by Phil Green

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Plywood OC1 by Phil Green

Post by road_warrior64 » Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:59 pm

I've seen that some members here have built "woodies". I've yet to build a stripper but I have built a few tortured plywood boats. A Google search led to an obscure reference to a plywood whitewater canoe designed by Phil Green. I haven't found anything else on the guy or his plans. And, yes, I've envisioned myself swimming through rapids surrounded by shards of luan and fiberglass...but I'm still curious. Thanks for any info.

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Phil Green "Whitewater"

A ply whitewater open canoe ! Very easy to build, basically epoxy and tape 2 sheets of 4mm 4' by 8' ply together to form a 16' by 4' sheet. Cut out a few darts (I think that is the correct sewing term?) with a jigsaw, pull the edges together and tape them up. Add some wood strip to finish off the gunwhales (or "rim" if you are not nautically minded), add a block of ethafoam as a saddle, paint or varnish and there you go!

Performance: Short, stubby and heavily rockered this boat, especially if painted yellow, looks like a banana and has similar directional stability; probably slightly better than a coracle, but you get the idea. This renders it pretty useless on flat water. It is fine on whitewater but our local stuff is just too rocky at low to moderate water levels, and at high levels I personally would rather be in a kayak. If you build this for whitewater you must be ready to repair it often, or regard it as expendable. I would not spend too much time or money on it: use polyester resin and cheap paint, not finest epoxy and marine varnish.[/i][/b]

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Re: Plywood OC1 by Phil Green

Post by Mikey B » Fri Oct 11, 2013 3:23 pm

I think he was a UK designer? Seems like he had a few boat designs out there quite a few years back?
Also, there's Phillip Greene from Woodsong...but highly doubt it was his design :D
Love to see some pics of it

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