Anyone converted a WaveSport Recon?

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Denny Kortze
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Anyone converted a WaveSport Recon?

Post by Denny Kortze » Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:05 pm

In an ill-fated attempt to try and add kayaking to my repertoire, I bought a WaveSport Recon 83 a few years ago. Its been just sitting around not getting use and I just listed it up for sale. I'm not confident that I'll get much money for it and I'm considering converting it to a C-1 instead. Has anyone done one as a conversion?

When I got it I was between the Dagger Nomad and the Recon 83. They seemed like similar boats and I fit in the weight range of the Recon better at 165 lbs (as a kayaker, not as a C-1). The Nomad seemed either too small or too big.


ClassFive Boats
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Re: Anyone converted a WaveSport Recon?

Post by ClassFive Boats » Sun May 07, 2017 1:46 am

My 2 cents
Boat is slow . Most yakers here don't like them for that reason. Must be paddled hard to make them work.
Stability very good
If you are at the upper weight limit for the boat size ,
The stern gets edgey .
Extreme bow rocker makes boofs easy.
As with all k1/c1 conv, boats , seating position is
Absolutely critical. +- 1/4 in.
My spin: Really steep rocky creek - great boat
Fast moving river/ creeks - there are
Better choices

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