L'Edge Superlight Outfitting

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L'Edge Superlight Outfitting

Post by Jon »

Got one. Really like it.

The tube to transfer water from side to side through the bulkhead is very small. 1.25" inside diameter
As I recall, a suggested mod in the old days was to replace that with a 4 or 5" square chunk of plastic eavestrough downpipe. Any comments or suggestions? I assume the smaller pipe keeps the water from sloshing side to side and perhaps makes the boat more stable with water in it? But, when I pick it up to empty out, I notice how slow to drain, the high side of the boat is.

The small transfer tube is also a good 1.25" above the inside of the hull, so there is a fair bit of water that must make the trip around the ends of the bulkhead to get to the otherside. Does the boat require this cushion of foam to strengthen/protect the hull?

As a winter project (cause it involves ripping out the saddle/bulkhead) any suggestions as to replacing the tiny tube, with what, and where?

Thanks and Merry Christmas
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Re: L'Edge Superlight Outfitting

Post by Wendy »

I put a 3 inch round tube in that location. It takes time with the saddle in place but doable. I use a knife. Once 3 inches of foam has been carved there is a Dewalt adapter you can buy to attach a hole saw for right angle use.
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Re: L'Edge Superlight Outfitting

Post by pmp »

I always meant to do that... but didn't. Not sure if I like the idea of different flex rate under the wall of a square piece of plastic. I did remove the plastic pipe that came in the hole, since there is no reason to need that in there.
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Re: L'Edge Superlight Outfitting

Post by yarnellboat »

My first reaction to my SuperLite outfitting was how giant the bulkhead and saddle were! Actually, 2nd reaction - 1st was disappointment that the gunwales hadn't been sanded and oiled. 3rd was that there was only 1 transfer tube (just a hole/tube, no liner pipe in it).

I moved in the thwarts and cut several inches off the front and back of the bulkhead/saddle.

Then, leaving the saddle in place, I pushed through a couple of additional transfer tubes. I used an old aluminium paddle shaft as my cutting tool, so they aren't huge, but I put in another 2 I think, trying to get them right close to the hull. It was a bit of grunt, and hard on the knuckles.

If I want to add more, I think I'd just push through more little holes as I've done, as oppose to removing the saddle to cut a bigger channel. Removing the saddle is a chore I'd prefer to skip.

Another mod I did was added some foam to the walls next to my knees. I found my knees wanted to slide around a little to the outside, off the knee pad, and I really like to have contact there on the outside of my knee. This should be standard outfitting.

Next mod is that I'll have to cut away some foam from the bulkhead right at the top of the thighs, because I find it too tight for exiting. I get a little stuck trying to get out, so just an extra inch or so for my knees to clear the bulkhead more cleanly. I don't think removing this bit of foam right at the top of the leg holes will affect much contact, because most contact/pressure is side-to-side, not vertical.

Final mod is adding some little holes or tubes for bungees or straps so that I have places to store my throw rope, water bottle and dry bag (there's another thread on that).

And I have to move a pump over. Haven't yet looked at where or how.

Not sure why the original comes with such a huge saddle/bulkhead and a single transfer tube. Didn't make sense to me. If there was a good reason for it, manufacturer's should include a little info on the reasons they have for the decisions they made.

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