River Elf Storm Chaser - M/L-XL - New Version

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River Elf Storm Chaser - M/L-XL - New Version

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We just wanted to let everyone know that we have recently released a new updated (2019) version of our wider Storm Chaser C-1 - sizes M/L - XL.

It's similar to the original 2013 boat but with a few minor tweaks:

1. Width: the new version is 28" wide which is 1/4" wider than the original.
2. Depth: the new version is now 1/4" shallower overall with even shallower ends.
3. The cockpit is smaller - not as long as the original and reshaped a bit.
4. The hull under the very end of the bow is less round and more flattish.
5. The stern deck is a hair longer.
6. Minor cosmetic surface improvements.

Overall, these changes improve upon the original and make it more similar to our narrower Storm Chaser (XS-M sizes) that already has these features baked in. We've widened it a hair to make it more stable for larger paddlers and to accommodate a higher seat. The idea behind making it shallower was to make it feel a bit "sportier" than the original - you're not quite so down inside it as before. With the slight change to the hull at the bow end, the boat runs a bit better in a straight line than the original. Finally, with the smaller cockpit, we now have one size Snap Dragon custom C-1 skirt that will fit all versions of the Storm Chaser and the Storm Giant C-2 - simplifies things allowing us to get away from the larger template needed for the older boat.

The narrow (27" wide) version is still the same boat. Only the wider boat has been updated.

We are now calling the older 2013 design the "Storm Chaser Classic" on our website.

You can check out all the specs of the new 2019 Storm Chaser compared to the Storm Chaser Classic here:

We've recently updated the website too - come see what's new if you haven't been over in a while.

Just wanted to pass this info along to you guys!

River Elf
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