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Re: C1 & C2 Boating

Post by poetry_heckler » Fri May 01, 2020 2:13 am

I moved up to New York several years ago after grad school in Chicago. I had grown up in North Georgia running the Chattooga, LRC, Overflow, the North Chick, Ocoee, and Tellico pretty regularly. I've been off the water for more than a dozen years and now that I'm in the Hudson Valley, It's dawned on me that I have to get paddling again or I'm going to go crazy.

I was running everything in a Viper 11 but left that behind. I've got an Esquif l'Edge Lite and a 1988 New Wave Descender that I haven't gotten wet yet. Getting the last few things buttoned up with gear and outfitting.

I'll have stories to tell soon, but I need some folks to run with. If anyone wants to watch someone paddle a 32 year-old boat for the first time, drop me a line. I know there's no room for pride on the river, and I don't mind making people laugh. Let's roll!

I guess my new home run is Moodna Creek. It's maybe a 15 minute drive to the put-in from here.

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