Mad River Canoe ID Help #MAD H2376 M84E

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Mad River Canoe ID Help #MAD H2376 M84E

Post by jaxstraw »

Picked a 17' Royalex Mad River Canoe out of a barn and trying to ID it . . . Looks very much like an Explorer RX . . .

Serial # is MAD H2376 M84E

The hull was shot. It had about 7 major stress cracks . . . . Stripped the parts and now the hull is a raised bed . .
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Re: Mad River Canoe ID Help #MAD H2376 M84E

Post by Roy »

The MR boat history which I have indicates they made a 17' Royalex Explorer from '81 to '84. It certainly looks like that is what you have.

I have also had some of my canoes end up full of other people's soil and flowers.

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