Esquif Ledge vs Silverbirch Agent 8.8

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Esquif Ledge vs Silverbirch Agent 8.8

Post by rlemphers » Fri Nov 01, 2019 1:17 am

I loved my Esquif Ledge Lite but it did not hold up to the abuse of Alberta Rivers. I am wondering if anyone has a experience in the Agent 8.8 and could compare how they paddle, accelerate, roll, surf, roofing, stability, durability, etc.

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Re: Esquif Ledge vs Silverbirch Agent 8.8

Post by BAD paddle » Sat Nov 02, 2019 3:18 am

Have the Agent 88, love it, had two L Edge lites and loved them. Plastic seems similar enough that if you wore out the L Edge, you probably won't get much different mileage out of the Agent. I will say this though, after a year of paddling, the Agent is all scraped up but still has that new-boat, slick feel sliding over rocks. (Lots of rocks today!) L Edge probably rolls a little easier and may be a little faster, but for me the Agent 88 is considerably more stable, particularly with multiple off side stroke in seriously rough water. Neither of these are fun/ easy to roll like a glass boat with thigh-straps (e.g. Shacho). But, there have been several times when the Agent has felt kind of magical getting through and out of holes-- can't explain it other than just getting squirted out when by all rights I should be talking to the fish. The L Edge seems to have more edge and is a bit (but not a lot) narrower relative to the Agent. I'm 6'1, 190 lbs and have short legs and a long torso; I really like the Octane 91 as well as the Agent and L Edge, but need to be on my A-game for the L Edge. Sadly the Option didn't work for me as well as these other boats. I know many folks say the Option is about the same as the Agent, but nope, not for me, no way. Have a Millbrook 20/20 on order for when I want to go fast and have more water-- high hopes it will be in a similar ball-park.

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Re: Esquif Ledge vs Silverbirch Agent 8.8

Post by FullGnarlzOC » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:56 pm

Good way of looking at it is - an Agent is basically an Option and 91 made into one boat. Regarding durability - in over 3 years, and hundreds sold in NA, I haven't had a single customer contact me about their hull cracking. Pretty unbelievable actually. Now... I personally have cracked an SB hull!! So has Phil Prince! So it can in fact be done :lol:
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