New Rigging?

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New Rigging?

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My Bell Ocoee has Mike Yee outfitting that has served me well over many multi-day trips. But I'd consider replacing the pedestal and rigging if there are newer, better options. Just paddled 71 miles over 5 days and my body would appreciate more comfort if there is such a thing. Don't plan on replacing the canoe simply because I haven't seen anything better for what I do.
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Re: New Rigging?

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As far as I know, it’s foam saddles with thigh straps, knee pads and foot pegs or a foam bulkhead with knee pads and foot pegs.

Less common are foam ankle wedges/lifts/blocks/supports, which might help improve your comfort during long days in the saddle.

I’m also feeling it after a self-supported 4 night wilderness whitewater trip—I tried out a used/new to me Rival OC1.

The Ocoee is pretty tight for anything much longer than 5 days, of course that depends on many things, but it rocks for performance whereas the Rival was long in the bow and has soft edges. Not many good ww tripping boats. Maybe a plastic hull such as a Silver Birch COVERT 10.5 SOLO or REBEL 11.3. The downside is weight.
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Re: New Rigging?

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COcanoe wrote: Fri May 14, 2021 9:20 pm my body would appreciate more comfort if there is such a thing.
What part of you is uncomfortable?

For me, on multi-day trips with long days in the boat (either decked or open), I take a 3.5"-thick block of minicel which I sit on (on top of my pedestal) for the flats and easier whitewater sections. I have not yet accidentally washed into more demanding water while perched the extra 3" high.

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