River Elf Mid-Atlantic Boat Delivery/Transport South

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River Elf Mid-Atlantic Boat Delivery/Transport South

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Hey C-Boaters,
If you live in the mid-Atlantic area and have been thinking about one of our C-1's, we will deliver this fall (mid/late September) for $150. To get in on the delivery you need to order by Friday August 6th.

Also, if you have a boat that needs to be transported South, we can help out with that for a similar charge depending on what it is, and where it needs to go. (We may have room for a boat that needs to go north too but first priority will be given to our customers for transport up). Contact me at info@riverelf.com to inquire.

Truck Freight has gotten significantly more expensive during the pandemic, so we are trying to find a creative way around that. Sharing the cost among several people who need some delivery help between the the Southeast and the Mid-Atlantic, may be the solution. Depending on how it goes, we may make this a regular thing once or twice a year. Let us know if we can help! Thanks,
River Elf
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