Knee replacement question

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Knee replacement question

Post by kballard »

I'm looking at knee replacement surgery in the near future. Has any had this procedure and continued to paddle a C-1 or open boat? Thanks.
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Re: Knee replacement question

Post by Carol »

OC2 friend of mine had knee replacement, and was told don't even think about kneeling in a canoe again.

Ask your surgeon and your PT person.

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Re: Knee replacement question

Post by dixie_boater »

I spoke with Nolan Whitesell after he had a knee replacement. He diligently followed a rigorous PT regimen, but was not able to kneel in his canoe after completing the physical therapy. He knelt in his boat, but could not get down low enough to sit on the saddle. If your knee joints are replaced I don't believe you can kneel in a canoe as low as required for paddling a whitewater boat.
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