Dagger Dimension Tandem Trim

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Dagger Dimension Tandem Trim

Post by YoungOldMan »

I have an old Dimension outfitted with the triple saddle for tandem whitewater use. The original owner swapped this in for the standard seats and my wife and I have used it from time to time and liked it well enough.
The saddle is trimmed 3-4" forward of center line.
I weigh 210-215lbs & wife (bow) is 165-170lbs so 45lb difference to the rear.
Any thoughts from those who know if sounds like good trim for the mighty Dimension? It's been good enough for what we've done with her so far but wanting to step it up this year so looking to dial her in. We usually eyeball each others boat for trim but no can do in this case.....
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Re: Dagger Dimension Tandem Trim

Post by Roy »

I think what you need are two pics, of the two of you, in a pond. Both side views. One with the loaded boat floating still, the other with the boat up to speed.
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