River Elf C-1 Spray Skirts

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Re: River Elf C-1 Spray Skirts

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We are finally ready to accept initial orders for C1 Skirts. The cost is going to be $135 per skirt. You can find more info here on our website:


We want to thank everyone that contributed as we gathered info on cockpit sizes. As a result, we have decided to be even more flexible with deck offerings. We will have multiple deck sizes available: some standard, some custom for certain common boats, and some yet to be determined. We may need to gather a bit more info from you during the ordering process and may even request a template in the initial stages to fill in any gaps that we may have missed. This may slow the fulfillment a bit in certain instances.

One cool thing that we will be doing is to offer highly customized tube sizes in one inch increments between 26" - 36" and even larger and smaller tubes as well. We'll post more info on the website in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for all of the input, interest, and patience as we strive to meet this need in the C-boating community. Besides follow up comments, this will be the last "formal" update that we plan to do for this thread. If you need a skirt, we are ready to build one for you!
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Re: River Elf C-1 Spray Skirts

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I can go fast again!!!


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