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new paddle

Post by bigbru »

I've been spoiled by using a great slalom paddle from Mitchell, the curved premier. Now I need a new paddle and it seems impossible to get a really high quality canoe paddle anywhere. Mitchell doesn't seem to be able to build the curved premier, gala sports lists lots of good paddles but none are available, and even Werner shows that their Carbon Bandit is unavailable. I assume its all part of the supply chain problems and though I have a standard werner paddle, its just not near the same. Does anyone know what's up with this and where I might find the paddle I'm looking for?
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Re: new paddle

Post by Sir Adam »

Supply chain has been tough; I know a few companies that restricted what little stock they had to only bigger outlets.

I'm not sure what, if any, stock he has but be sure to check out Andy Convery / Echo Paddles too.
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Re: new paddle

Post by unkltwisto »

Although I can't suggest an immediate solution, I have heard rumor that River Elf has noticed the very same thing and has their first prototype C-1 paddle already built. Sounds like it may be a couple of months before they start getting them out the door though ... just a rumor ;)
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Re: new paddle

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Try direct contact to retailers as some have limited paddle stock such as a Werner Carbon Bandit.

Echo paddlers are superb. If you like Mitchells you will like Echos.

Also I hear Shaggy Designs will be making paddles this season.
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