Pittsburgh to New England

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Pittsburgh to New England

Post by PatrickOC1 »

looking to pick up a boat off anoter board member and trying to find an economical way to make that happen im in new hampshire and would like to cut down an 11 hour drive to pick up directly if anyone can help get this boat closer to me im happy to hand over gas/beer money :D


Deerfield riverfest is coming up end of the month too if anybodys making the drive for that weekend ill be down there.
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Re: Pittsburgh to New England

Post by arhdc »

I am hauling the StinkEye plug from State College PA to Millbrook Boats in NH the first week in July and I have rack space.

I am three hours from Pittsburgh but I will most certainly be down to Ohiopyle at least once between now and the end of the month. PM me if I can help.

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Re: Pittsburgh to New England

Post by PAC »

Aaron... I think we have a ride. Chris L. (Checks) is heading to Dearfield later in the month and I plan to drop the boat off to him this weekend. Wish I would have know last weekend... could have given it to you then! LOL You're officially now plan B! Will keep you posted. & thanks for the offer!

UPDATE: Boat moved via the Boater Network! Thx ALL! :-)
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