Sawyer canoe transportation

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Sawyer canoe transportation

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I have a Sawyer canoe sitting around, currently on Kaz's property, that is to come south to Richmond, Va. Anyone able to grab the boat and either store it or transport it southward to someone who can store it until I am able to drive north. Please note, this canoe is 18' 6" long. Name your favorite liquid refreshment for reward or be reimbursed for gas.

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kenneth Staff
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Re: Sawyer canoe transportation

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FWIW, I'm tasked with picking it up mid-September, but if anyone else is available sooner or as a backup, I'm sure Kneal would appreciate the knowledge.
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Re: Sawyer canoe transportation

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I'd like to move it, move it. Sorry, a misquote from a mooovie.
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Re: Sawyer canoe transportation

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If someone can get it from Kaz to Glens Falls, NY (or even Rutvegas or Albany) I'm happy to store it and bring it south to the Worlds...
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