what to buy what to buy !?!?

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what to buy what to buy !?!?

Post by glissboy »

Hello WiseMenandWomen of Cboats,

I am a solo boat newb [never paddled one really] but not a newb to paddles and whitewater [paddled whitewater up to low consequence R4 in tandem trip mode and all kinds in a kayak - Love to surf and play my kayak] and now I am trying to figure out which boat is 'me' for my 'final ascent' in the world of paddling.

At long last an open solo canoe. [ok, full disclosure, I am also going to try and lure the girlfriend into the whitewater w/ my old kayak so there is some alterior motif here] :wink:

Anyway, I am in the Montreal area and I'm seeing the following :
used Zephyrs various conditions : 1100$ [itchy one] to 1500$ [haven't see in yet]
new L'edgeLite : 2100$
used Probe 12 : 850$

I figure I'm a river runner who likes to play and hopes to also fish and possibly even 'lightly trip'.

What would you do?

All figures CAD$ of course ;]
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Re: what to buy what to buy !?!?

Post by SWD »

Hey if youre looking to use the canoe anything other then pure whitewater I would stay away from the L'edge. Great boat for whitewater maybe not so much tripping. The probe might be a bit better!
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Re: what to buy what to buy !?!?

Post by Paddle Power »

Zephyr is light and fast, might even be a good ww boat for overnight trips up to several nights. Because of the hull material it’s helpful if you live near Esquif if it needs repair.

L’edge lite will be good for learning and pushing your limits.

The Probe 12 is a great intro boat, good down river craft as well as good ww canoe for short self-supported trips (something like 1-4 nights).

Based on your river run, play, fish, trip statement I’d rule out the L’edge.
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Re: what to buy what to buy !?!?

Post by Harrywalt2 »

Hello from newbie buddy, nice to see your post
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Re: what to buy what to buy !?!?

Post by nhwi »

Hi! I am new to WW open boat too (since 2019). I have paddled zephyr and tried the L'edge! If you are buying, I might suggest getting the L'edge--more stable than Zephyr and it is easier to catch small eddies with the shorter length. Better yet, if you can find a SuperLite l'edge, that would be golden!

I love my Zephyr. But some of my experienced friends don't like it.

Good luck! Good for you to convert to a canoeist!
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