Question about foot pegs

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Question about foot pegs

Post by VTBoater »

I'm not sure how to use them, or what purpose they serve. In my Ion, I kneel with the top of my feet flat against the hull and a bit out toward the sides of the boat. I don't use ankle support or anything, and I'm pretty comfortable (by c-boat standards, I guess).

So far, I've just been pushing the foot pegs all the way back and ignoring them. With my knees in the bulkhead, I'm able to edge pretty well.

I haven't learned to roll yet, and I know I'd need to be tighter in the boat for that.

Where, exactly, are the foot pegs supposed to contact my feet? I feel like with my feet down flat, my toes would either smush into the pegs to little effect, or slip under them.

Also, would they impeded exit from the boat in the event of a flip?

Thanks for helping with my noob question.
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Re: Question about foot pegs

Post by Todhunter »

The real answer is to use them how you see fit. Some folks don't use them. Some folks that do use them put their feet under the pegs (like you mentioned), with the tops of their feet flat on the inside of the hull. I use a shoe with a hard toe area and put the ball of my feet on my pegs, with the toe of my shoe pointing down onto the hull. I found this the most comfortable and secure position for me (after I added a set of ankle blocks), but it is excruciating for others. I can't roll my OC1 without my feet on the pegs, pushing my knees deep into my bulkhead. In my C1, the straps hold me in secure enough that I paddle without pegs (as most if not all C1'ers do) and the tops of my feet flat on the inside of the hull. This is painful for me, and I can't go more than about 40 minutes without a stretch.

Pegs have prevented a smooth wet exit for me before, but properly outfitted pegs should allow you to move your feet toward the outside of the boat and off the pegs to allow you to pop out.

Good luck.
Matt Todhunter
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