foot pegs - or no pegs?

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Re: foot pegs - or no pegs?

Post by Atlas »

I use shin blocks and cut the pegs down with a saw just before I hit the metal in the middle.
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Re: foot pegs - or no pegs?

Post by heavy d »

i just must be too fat to use them then. i can't sit in my saddle and have my feet on pegs - it pushes my butt off of the saddle and im not about to add height to my saddle - if anything id like to lower it.
i have cut the bottom of the pegs off and i can neatly tuck my toes under the pegs and it feels very secure. i can roll my octane now by doing that simple trick. thanks guys - wish i could use the pegs how they were intended.
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Re: foot pegs - or no pegs?

Post by Dennysdad »

The pegs in my octane sit a bit higher then in the viper
My toes started to squish under the pegs so I added a
Half inch foam pad under the peg aboutb6 sq inches or so
Worked perfect
About coming off the saddle you might just need to square off the
Saddle back a bit you might not be sitting square enough
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