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School of Gnarlz

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It's been 10 years since Eddy McGnarlz hit the scene here on Cboats.Net w/ his now world famous Cross-J stroke. The cross J never really panned out, but we're still at it trying to progress the sport!

I've been spending most of my pandemic time on a long time passion project I've been meaning to see through, an updated Instructional series centered around whitewater canoeing in modern canoes. The aim is to create an entertaining, informative, and immersive experience for the viewer throughout the 5 episode series. The high quality footage used for this series was filmed in 5 different countries and throughout the U.S over the course of 4 years, with about $10,000 worth of camera and editing equipment...

Project budget: Aside from time (40-50hr editing per episode), all funding for this project came solely from boat sales. I wanted to say thank you to all my Gnarlz Outdoors customers. Without you guys and ladies buying canoes and supporting the sport, this wouldn't have been possible. To everyone else that's still out there canoeing, keep up the stoke! Hope you are getting out there and enjoying what you love to do.

Here is the latest 35 minute Episode - Filmed with Travis Overstreet and Jerrod Jones

Episode 1 - The start of the Journey - Basic Strokes

Feel free to share this amongst your friends! The plan is for this series to be a solid backboard for anyone looking to improve their canoeing game. Episode 3 we will see things ramp up quite a bit as we hit the river, and Episode 4 will be filmed with Phil Prince and will introduce, discuss, and demonstrate advanced ww canoeing skills. Thanks for following and Like and Subscribe to the YouTube channel! :)
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