Perception Slasher C1

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Perception Slasher C1

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Dave PlaysWaves
- Length: 12', Width: 27.25", Cockpit: C-1 Standard
- Weight: 39 LBS, Volume: 55 GAL, Color: Blue
- Paddler Style: Intermediate to Advanced
- Paddler Size: 110-210 LBS
- C-1 minicell saddle w/ thigh straps
- Safety grab loops
- Pivoting flat hull
- Speedy length
- Side rails for stability
- Acceleration AND secondary stability are key features
Great intro. C1 for New England Slalom Series, early slalom and creeking moves, river running with single-blade style. Kayakers: it will make you a better paddler by spending time in one of these 😉 See pictures on FB New England Gear Swap
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Re: Perception Slasher C1

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By "creeking moves" do you mean "pitoning"?
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