A Whitewater Canoe Specific Giveaway

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A Whitewater Canoe Specific Giveaway

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I know what your thinking, probably some kind of scam/ad. I’m the COO of Level Six and I built a sweepstakes style contest featuring some of my favourite canoe friendly brands. I’ve been a long time member of the forum, as well as an avid open boater. The lowdown: we are collecting emails address’s for our newsletter (unsubscribe at any time) and promoting canoe friendly brands social media channels and products. It’s a win, win!

Brands: Level Six, Freefall Paddles, Sweet Protection, Salus Marine PFD, Watershed Drybags, Astral Footwear, Fall Line Canoes, Paul Mason’s Whitewater Rescue Board Game!

(Open to North American paddlers only)
Winner chosen at random!

Check it out:
https://www.levelsix.com/pages/whitewat ... weepstakes
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