taking the plunge!

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taking the plunge!

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Alright I'm ready to take the plunge into the bilge pump world. I'm thinking a single attwood tsunami 1200. In addition to that what do I absolutely need in order to get it functional. Yes I know battery, switch, some sort of connectors battery charger. But what specifically? What's everybody using? Include specifics please? I'm really concerned with the battery/charger combo and how to wire the battery pump and switch series ...actually I guess that means I'm really concerned about the whole thing! Any advice, wiring plans, parts list etc is greatly appreciated.
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Pump System

Post by dirk »

Check the Outfitting link above. I followed Colin's instructions, except I use only one pump. Works great. Roughly $100 in parts.

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I have three canoes with four pumps in them. My favorite system was to mount the pump, battery, and switch all in a small marine battery box. I then mounted it in front of the saddle by pulling a D-ring glued to the hull up through a slit in the bottom of the box and securing it with a foam plug and a carabiner.

My other pumps mount inside the saddle to varying degrees with the pumps themselves mounted in front of the saddle or behind the foot pegs.

I don't know the brand names, but I buy the cheapest on/off switch I can find from marine stores and the little rubber boots for the switch (I pay about $5 for both), Tsunami 1200 pump, a spool of 14 or 16 ga. wire, a SLA battery, and some crimp connections.

I wire it positive battery terminal to the switch, from the switch to the pump, and then the negative battery terminal to the negative pump wire.

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some ideas

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