Ion VS "mid-length" modern boats

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Ion VS "mid-length" modern boats

Post by connorm »

Any comparisons from people that have paddled the Ion and also paddled other shorter, more modern whitewater boats (option, octane, ledge lite, etc)? Coming from a 12ft Outrage, I'm curious as to what the momentum loss is between the Ion and other more moderate "mid length" 8-9 foot modern boats? Also does the Ion have issues stalling out while trying to paddle forward or getting through holes due to the short length?

I'll probably be doing a bit of playing, but mixed in with mostly river running on most trips. Not sure how the Ion is at downstream travel. Also what's the dryness compared to other blackfly boats? Any opinions are appreciated!
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Re: Ion VS "mid-length" modern boats

Post by Wendy »

I have owned ll of these boats and the 1st and 2nd generation Ion. The 2nd generation carries more momentum than the first but either one has much, much less momentum than your Outrage or other boats listed. I preferred the first generation for drops and punching through holes but both do well creeking and in big SE water. If you don't mind spending more energy putting in the extra strokes the boat is a blast to paddle, play and carry.
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